Today manicure is a common procedure so that nobody thinks how it was before. However, the history of nail care, as any beauty treatments, throws back. Here, we have collected the most interesting facts from the history of the manicure.

How was it?

  • 1. In ancient Egypt, people believed that long nails helped to better communicate with the gods. They were a symbol of wisdom. Only nobles were allowed to grow nails, servants had the nails cut very short. In addition, the color of the nails told about the significance and position of the person. The brighter and more saturated a manicure, the higher position in society. Cleopatra preferred to paint her nails with henna, which gave them a terracotta shade.
  • 2. In ancient China, not only women but also men grew their fingernails. Women thus showed that they belong to a high class and never got down and dirty. For men, the long nails were a symbol of masculinity. Favorite colors were golden and silver, and with the reign of the Ming Dynasty, they were replaced by red and black. By the way, in ancient China, there was the first prototype of nail extension — lengthening with silver tips.
  • 3. In ancient Rome, there was the same principle as in Egypt: the longer and brighter nails, the higher the social class.
  • 4. In France, in the XVII century, there was an interesting fashion manicure. Men grew their nails only on a little finger. And there was a habit of not knocking on the door. Instead, they scratched with nails.
  • 5. In the East, people injected vegetable dyes right into the base of the nail so that they did not have to paint the nails as they grow up already colored.

By the way, the longest nails belonged to a man. His name was Nelvin Feizel Boothe, and his nails, which he did not cut as much as 25 years, grew up to 953 centimeters in length.

The history of modern manicure

  • 1. The first orange stick for manicure appeared in 1830.
  • 2. The modern manicure appeared in 1917. Dr. Coron came up with the first liquid, which allowed removing the cuticle. The first nail salon was opened a year later, in 1918.
  • 3. 1932 was a year that changed everything. It was then when the first nail polish appeared. It had a rich red color. We should thank Charlie Leshman for it.
  • 4. Acrylic nail extension appeared in the 1960 year. According to one version, the American dentist invented it after a finger injury, which resulted in a torn fingernail that disturbed the doctor’s work. According to another version, this dentist wanted to dishabituate his wife from gnawing her nails. Anyway, nail extension gained worldwide popularity. To adapt the dental acrylic into a beauty one, even a special laboratory opened.
  • 5. In the heyday of Hollywood in 1976, the company ORLY brought French manicure in a new, and its popularity is held until today. Their task was to invent a universal manicure that could go to any suit for actresses.

In recent years, along with the universal love of the modeling of artificial nails, there is a tend to return to natural manicure because of the increasing emphasis on everything healthy and natural.

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